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We would like to give a BIG Thank You to Brian Denham - PHOTO 44,  for all of his help in getting the great pictures of the Apparatus's and for the incident photo's!  You work is greatly appreciated!!

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Fire Dept Apparatus

Engine 5-1 is a 1999 Pierce Dash 1000 gallons of water. Has a full compliment of Fire and Rescue Equipment. Carries extrication equipment such as O Cutters, Spreaders, Rams, the 42in struts.

Engine 5-2 is a 2006 Pierce Enforcer 1000 gallons of water.  Has a full compliment of Fire Suppression equipment.

Tanker 5 is a 2010 Fort Garry Tanker.  Carries 3000 gallons of water and a 500 GPM pump.

Brush 5 is a 2011 Dodge. Equipped with Forrestry equipment.

Utility 5 is a  2006 Dodge pick-up.

Retired Apparatus

1979 Ford Pierce Engine 5-1 and it was sold Jan. 16, 1988 to South  Creek volunteer fire department

1972  Chevrolet Custom Special Unit 5, 1976



 1996 CF Mack Engine Tanker Held 2300 gallons of water

1976 CF Mack Engine 5-2 held 500 gallons of water

 1976 CF Mack Engine 5-1 held 500 gallons of water

1918 American La France First Engine

Ford Amb.5-8, 1995 Ford Road Rescue

 Ford Amb.5-9

1999 Ford Wheel Coach Amb. 5-7