2376 Loudon Road
February 19th, 2017- Tanker 5 responded as part of the 1st alarm assignment to 2376 Loudon Road for a Barn Fire. Tanker 5 arrived and hauled several loads of water till placed in service by Command 18.


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518 Meadowview Circle
Feb.6th, 2017- Box 3-04 was sounded at 0710 to 518 Meadowview Circle for the Electrical Fire. Duty 3 arrived on scene with a Attic Fire and requested additional resources for Manpower. Engine 5-2 responded with 3 and reported to the scene and assisted with salvage and overhaul. Engine 5-2 cleared the scene around 10AM. 

Photo courtesy of RHC


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9923 Mentzer Gap Road
Feb 4th, 2017- Company 5 responded @ 0446 to 9923 Mentzer Gap Road for the House Fire. Units from Waynesboro arrived with a 2 story with Heavy fire throughout. Units from 5 arrived deploying lines off of Engine 5-1 to assist with Fire Attack. Crews assisted on scene for several hours till released by Command 2 around 0700. Thanks to WEFR for covering the 5 house.

Photos Courtesy of Photo 17


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7326 Furnace Road
Dec.16th, 2016- Box 5-02 was sounded around 1311 to 7326 Furnace Road for a Mobile Home fire. Deputy Chief 5 arrived with a working fire. Crews from 5 and surrounding departments assisted with fire attack and overhaul. Command 5 cleared units a little after 1500.


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3 Alarm Fire Waynesboro
Dec.13th, 2016- Engines 5-1, 5-2 responded to Box-2-01 to 247 Ringold Street for a House Fire. Deputy Chief 2 arrived working fire with the fire extending to 2 additional hours requesting the 2nd alarm. Company 5 units arrived assisting with Fire attack. Crews worked well for several hours and assisting with overhaul. Company 5 cleared the scene a little after midnight. Thanks to Adams Engine 27 for covering the 5 house.


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7654 Pine Hill Road
Nov. 8th, 2016- 0633 Company 5 responded to 7654 Pine Hill Road for a vehicle fire. Chief 5A arrived with a working fire with an exposure problem with a camper feet from the car. Engine 5-2 arrived deploying a hand line and knocking the fire down in 5 minutes.


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3765 Clubhouse Drive
Nov.7th,2016- Box 5-01 was sounded at 1815 to 3765 Clubhouse Drive for the House Fire. D/C 11 arrive after dispatched reporting a split level home with fire showing from Division #1. Engine 5-2 under the direction of LT 5-2 deployed hand lines for fire suppression. Chie 5A arrived directly behind the Engine and established Command 5. Crews from 5 and 7 had the fire knocked in 20 minutes. All searches proved negative. No injuries to Fire or Civilian were reported. Command 5 reduced the box with the Engine returning around 2127. The PSP Fire Marshall is investigating the cause of the fire.

Thanks to Station 4 for covering the 5 House.


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